How to Fix Common Electrical Problems in Your Home
Many people are afraid of fixing their own electrical problems,
but with some basic knowledge, there is really nothing to be
afraid of.  Knowing the right way to do it makes all the
difference in the world.  It really isn't rocket science.  You can
repair your own electrical problems, it just requires a little
This training guide will show you how to make the repairs
yourself safely and effectively.  Also included with this manual
are several videos, showing you how to work on circuits, and a
second manual about the single most important tool for
electrical repairs, the multi-meter.
You really can do it yourself with confidence, you just need to
know how.  Give yourself the knowledge and power to take
charge of your electrical problems.
If you don't feel this manual lives up to your expectations, you
are covered by our no hassle, 90 day satisfaction guarantee.
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